MR Music Player App with Source Code

Included Features of MR Music Player

  • Base 3 themes (Clearly White, Kinda Dark, and Just Black)
  • Chromecast support
  • Choose from 10+ now playing themes
  • Driving Mode
  • Headset/Bluetooth support
  • Music duration filter
  • Android Auto support
  • Wallpaper accent picker on Android 8.1+
  • Material You support on Android 12+
  • Monet-themed icon support on Android 13+
  • Folder support – Play songs by folder
  • Gapless playback
  • Volume controls
  • Carousel effect for album covers
  • Home screen widgets
  • Lock screen playback controls
  • Lyrics screen (download and sync with music)
  • Sleep timer
  • Easy drag to sort playlist & play queue
  • Tag editor
  • Create, edit and import playlists
  • Playing queue with reorder
  • User profile
  • 30+ languages support (help translate the project: Crowdin)
  • Browse and play your music by songs, albums, artists, playlists, and genre
  • Smart Auto Playlists – Recently played, most played, and history
  • Build your playlist on the go

We are trying our best to bring you the best user experience. The app is regularly updated for bug fixes and new features.

How to restore my purchases?

Make sure to switch and use the account in the Play Store app you purchased before installing MR Music Player. The account used to install the app is also used to buy or restore the premium license.

If you already have installed it, remove all other accounts except the one with which you purchased premium. Then restore the purchase.

How do I use offline synced lyrics?

There are three methods for how to get offline synced lyrics.

Method 1:
Download the time-stamped lyrics for your songs. They need to be in this format: [00:04:02] Some lyrics text
Copy these time-stamped lyrics.
Open MR music and head to the song-synced lyrics editor.
Paste the lyrics there normally and exit the editor
Open back lyrics & you should see your time-stamped lyrics there.

Method 2:
Download the .lrc files for your songs They are need to be in this format: [00:04:02] Some lyrics text
Now you have to rename the file you created in this way: <song_name> - <artist_name>.lrc or for better matching copy the <song_name> and the <artist_name> from the tag editor and then rename the file.
Now paste the LRC files to the following path : /sdcard/mrmusic/lyrics/ Here sdcard is your internal storage.
Method 3: (Requires third-party app)
Download automatag or autotagger from Play Store.
Find the time-stamped lyrics for your songs that don’t have lyrics already. A time-stamped lyric looks like this, [00:04:02] Some lyrics text for example.
Now you have to rename the file you created in this way: <song_name> – <artist_name>.lrc or for better matching copy the <song_name> and the <artist_name> from the tag editor and then rename the file.
Find your song to edit and paste the synced lyrics.
Some Important Notes:
If you want to skip to a particular time stamp, simply scroll to the time stamp from where you want to start from and a ‘Play’ icon will appear left to the particular stamp. Tap on the play button to play from there.
When you save lyrics by pasting them into the lyrics editor, close the lyrics editor and reopen it for the lyrics to appear.
We have a short tutorial video for those who are having trouble getting the synced lyrics to work. (Tap here to watch the video tutorial)

How do I change the theme?

Themes can be selected from the Look & Feel section of the settings.

The equalizer is very laggy and unstable or I am getting a “No equalizer found” error. why?

The MR music in-built equalizer was removed updates ago so the only equalizer you will have by your OEM or android which aren’t made by us and have no control over them. So you can report those issues to your OEM so that they can provide a fix in the next updates.
If you are seeing “No Equalizer Found” in your device, this means your device doesn’t have a stock equalizer MusicFx Equalizer. You can try using this equalizer made by AEX ROM developers.

Why aren’t the last added songs showing?

Settings -> Other -> Last added playlist interval -> Select an option from the list.

How do I enable fullscreen lock screen controls?

Settings -> Personalize -> Fullscreen controls -> Enable (this will only be visible when songs are playing from MR Music Player).

Why are my gallery or random pictures showing up as album art?

Settings -> Images -> Ignore media store covers -> Enable

Which file types are supported?

MR Music uses the native media player that comes with your Android phone, so as long as a file type is supported by your phone, it’s supported by MR Music.

Why is my device slowing down when I’m using the app?

MR Music is image intensive, it keeps images in the cache for quick loading.

 The title “MR Music Player” is showing on the top of the app, how can I fix this?

If you are facing this issue, please clear the app’s cache and data.

My app has started crashing after updating from Play Store. How do I fix it?

Sorry, the settings have changed internally. Please try clear the data of the app. If it doesn’t work, reinstalling fresh from our website or play store should help.

Why has all the text gone white/disappeared?

Change the theme to Black or Dark and change it back to what you had before.

Why some of my songs are not showing in my library?

Having some problems with music files not showing in your library? Try these solutions:

Try checking that the audio files are not less than 30 seconds. If so, go to Settings -> Other and put “Filter Song Duration” to zero.
Remove “.nomedia” file from the music folder in your device storage. Enable hidden files/folders in your file manager beforehand.
Try manually scanning the media folder or rebooting to refresh the media store. The scan option is available in the folder tab. To access the folder tab, go to settings -> personalize -> library categories and enable folders. If it isn’t visible, click reset.
If it still doesn’t work and your audio files are stored on an SD card., try moving them to internal memory and then back to the SD card.
If that doesn’t work, download the phonograph music app and let that app scan your music.
If none of the preceding options work, clear the data from the “media storage” app (not cache). Go to system settings -> apps -> enable system apps and clear data to find this app.

How do I export and import the playlist?

For Exporting playlists:
In your built-in music player, there should be an option to save those playlists as a file. Save them and import them from the file manager by opening it into MR music.
To export from MR Music, simply tap on save playlist as a file.
For Importing playlists:
MR Music will automatically detect any playlist file when that playlist file is stored in internalstorage/Playlist. However, if it doesn’t, just open “file manager” and open that playlist file with MR Music.
For restoring playlists, the location of songs must be the same in both the Playlist file and in your storage. For example, your music is in “Internalstorage/Music” and the playlist file has a song location “Internalstorage/Songs“. Then it will not be going to work since both these locations are different.
Note that those playlists must be of your offline music only since MR music is an offline music player, not an online music player. So if your playlist is of online music, it can’t be opened on other offline players.

Why does my library shows song files twice or no song at all?

If you are seeing duplication of songs in the library or no songs at all, then it’s because of the Media Store issue which got affected by some other app.

To fix this:
Head to your device settings
Open up “Apps & notifications” (This name depends from ROM to ROM)
Find the ‘Media storage’ app and clear storage (both data and cache) of it.
Then open the MR Music app and manually scan your music from your storage.
Reboot the device to refresh the media store (Not sure if this is necessary)
NOTE: Don’t panic when you will open MR Music and see “Zero” songs there in the library. It’s because you cleared Media Store which is responsible for recognizing files on your device

I can’t find the folder menu anymore after the latest update.

Head to settings -> personalise. And select folders from “library categories”. If there is the option of folders, tap on reset and select folders.

How to apply a custom font?

Since the replacement of the default font used by MR Music with the system-based font, you can set almost any font you like within your operating system and MR Music will automatically use it. The change was made to fix font-related issues such as wrong text or symbols.

However, we do have an option to apply Manrope font an option if you do not like your system font and you are not able to set any custom font.

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