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Open Source Software philosophy and licenses

Broadly the term ‘open source software refers to those categories of software/programs whose licenses do not impose such conditions. Such software, generally, gives users the freedom to run/use the software for any purpose, to study and modify the program, and redistribute copies of either the original or modified program (without

MR Music Player App with Source Code

Included Features of MR Music Player We are trying our best to bring you the best user experience. The app is regularly updated for bug fixes and new features.

(Copyright) Ethics Issues, Society, and Law

INTRODUCTION are now living in a generation called the information age where we notice that most of our activities are technology-influenced, be it making an online payment, making or inventing of own part of art or information (such as writing articles or clicking photographs and so on). With the reach

Technology Economic and E-waste

ICTS are general-purpose technologies, i.e. technologies whose value and impact arise primarily from their use in other economic and social sectors. Three capabilities are especially important for economic and social development. ICTS: Systemic impacts which ICTs have had on the development of economies, societies, and cultures, include: Economic Impacts include

(cyber safety-3|CYBERCRIME) confidentiality of information

CYBERCRIME Spreading Rumours Online Spreading rumors online is cybercrime and is a punishable offense. As per Information Technology Act of India, Publishing/circulation of Rumours, especially hurting religious sentiments is cybercrime and it may invite a fine with imprisonment extendable up to three years. People usually think that they can create

Computer Security and Online Access

INTRODUCTION Computer Security and Online Access, We live in a world at a time which is often called the information age where information is freely available from any part of the world. The Internet has revolutionized the world and people are getting used to having access to whatever information they


COMMON SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES A Social networking site is a web application or online platform where people can set up their public profile and make connections with other online people (who have also set up their profile on the exact platform), called online friends. There are many social networking sites.

(cyber safety-2) confidentiality of information

confidentiality of information Part of cyber safety. The Internet is a public platform, mostly. The sites you visit, the things you search on it, and the posts that you put on social networking sites are all visible to the public. But there must be some information like your credit history

About Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety INTRODUCTION Today’s age cannot be even thought of without the Internet, even in dreams. Although Internet has made many things easier at the same time it has posed many security risks too, if not used in a proper way. Thus, it is important to know about possible threats,