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(Digital Number System) Data Representation

1. INTRODUCTION Digital techniques have found their way into numerous areas of technology, but the area of automatic digital computers is by far the most famous and most comprehensive. As you know, a computer is a system of hardware that performs arithmetic processes, exploits data, and makes decisions. In science,

Emerging Trends (AI and IoT)

1. INTRODUCTION The rapid growth of technology is not at all surprising but what surprises is the rate at which the technology is growing and evolving, impacting our lives in a way no one could have imagined some decades ago. Today, you can listen to the news or play your

How To Bulk Index URLs To Google

Now this time we will learn How to Bulk Index URLs to the Search engine/ Google console for Indexing or Crawling purposes to help your Website SEO techniques. You may see the need for the automation of this movement due to multiple reasons. For example, if the article is updated or article

(Number conversions) binary number

Number conversions: The binary number system is the most important one in digital systems as it is very easy to execute in circuitry. The decimal system is significant because it is universally operated to characterize quantities outside a digital system. In complement to binary and decimal, octal and hexadecimal number

Emerging Trends (Cloud & Blockchain Technology)

in this post, we discuss Cloud & Blockchain Technology. so let’s get started… CLOUD COMPUTING Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, delivering shared resources, software, and data to computers and other devices on-demand, like the electricity grid. A basic definition of cloud computing is the use of the Internet for the

(Binary Addition) Data Representation

Binary Addition ALUS don’t directly work upon decimal numbers; rather they process binary numbers as a computer can understand only binary numbers. Five basic cases for binary addition must be understood before going on. These are : Case 1: 0+0=0 i.e., the addition of two binary 0’s (zero) results in

Introduction to Problem-Solving

INTRODUCTION problem-solving There is a famous quotation by Steve Jobs, which says, “Everyone in this country should know to program a computer because it guides you to think”. This section itself is explanation enough to say that in order to program an explanation for a problem, you should think in

Problem Solving (Pseudocode, Algorithm & Techniques)

Pseudocode is an informal language that helps programmers describe the steps of a program’s solution without using any programming language syntax. previous post Introduction to Problem-Solving EXAMPLE 2 Draw a flowchart to add two numbers, along with an algorithm in simple English. SOLUTION Algorithm EXAMPLE 3 Draw a Flowchart to