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Expert Systems

Expert Systems Overview Expert systems are computer programs that aim to mimic human expertise in specific knowledge areas. They typically have three critical components: a knowledge database containing facts and rules that represent human knowledge and experience, an inference engine that processes consultations and determines how inferences are made, and

The Turing Test Part 2

Inception of the Turing Test The concept of the Turing test is a captivating topic that prompts reflection on whether a computer could genuinely replicate human behaviour to the extent of being deemed sentient. Passing the test requires the machine to possess a range of complex abilities, such as comprehending

Co-operative Advantages of Ai

1. Co-operative Advantages 1.1. Copyability It takes a human child around nine months to gestate and roughly two to three decades before they become productive, depending on their work. Raising a child can be expensive, with an average cost of $216,000 to $252,000 over 18 years in the US (Lino 2010). On


IMPROVE WEBSITE RANK USING SEO – (CHAPTER- 2) BACKGROUND | Part – 2 2.3 Background of Search Engine Optimisation 2.3.4 Off-Site Optimization (Link Building) Backlinks, or BL, are a crucial factor in the ranking algorithms of major search engines. A backlink refers to a hyperlink originating from an external site

Self-Improvement Advantages of ai

1. Self-Improvement Advantages A digital mind with access to its source code may directly modify the way it thinks or create a modified version of itself. To do so, the reason must understand its architecture well enough to know the sensible modifications. An AGI can intentionally be built in a

AI Winter and its Lessons Part 2

The Duration of AI Winter During AI winter, AI research programs had to disguise themselves under different names to continue receiving funding. Many somewhat ambiguous words came up during this time that carried a strong hint of AI, such as “Machine Learning,” “Informatics,” “Knowledge-based system,” and “Pattern recognition.” The re-branding

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

1. Introduction A digital mind is a sense that runs on a computer. One kind of digital sense is a mentality upload. This hypothetical sense was initially human but moved into a digital format and is being run as a software program on a computer. Another type of digital mind is that of

AI Winter and its Lessons

Overview The history of the Turing Test and Expert systems has revealed that people have overestimated the progress of A.I. since its early days. The hype has far surpassed the actual accomplishments of A.I. In the 1970s, the A.I. industry entered a phase known as “AI Winter.” This term was

Human Handicaps in Ai

1. Human Handicaps Humans often differ in suboptimal or wrong modes (Stanovich 2008; Kahneman 2011). Such losses of sense have an immense negative effect on society. Among other items, they force people to mourn from a poorer measure of living, make bad assets, become more readily used, end up falsely